WhatYouGet   1   Zen Tour   Unbeatable Sonic PrecisionUnbeatable Sonic Precision

With a track record spanning over 30 years of research and development, we have consistently maintained industry-leading accuracy through the 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC).

Complementing this key proprietary technology is the enhanced flexibility provided by our audio interfaces, facilitated by improved connectivity and user interface design, making music recording easier for all.

Over 90 Synergy Core Real-Time FX

Seamlessly blend the essence of great-sounding vintage analog gear into the digital landscape of your real-time tracking and live sessions, thanks to Antelope’s DSP and custom FPGA processing.

Harness the power of this fusion by tapping into your very own comprehensively equipped virtual studio, boasting an array of over 90 faithfully recreated classic EQs, compressors, mic pres, and modulation effects. AFX2DAW is included.

WhatYouGet   2   Over 90 Synergy Core FX
WhatYouGet   4   Bitwig Studio 5

Bitwig Studio 5

The single solution for realizing musical ideas across every stage of production, Bitwig Studio 5 makes the DAW integral to music composition and is available for free with Antelope Audio interfaces.

Unleash your creativity with hundreds of sounds, loops, modulators and virtual instruments, as well as the GRID – the modular sound-design system for building your own instruments and FX.