HEDD Bass 08 8-inch 300-watt Powered Subwoofer

300-watt Powered Studio Subwoofer with 8" Woofer, CoP Technology, and DSP

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The HEDD Bass 08 is the perfect entry ticket into the world of high-end subwoofers. The perfect companion to HEDD's Type 05 MK2 and Type 07 MK2 studio monitors, this powered sub injects weight and a club-ready vibe into your mixing experience — exactly what you need to impress your clients. SHARC-powered DSP delivers ruler-flat phase alignment, ensuring that low- and high-frequency soundwaves reach their destination at exactly the right moment, while HEDD's Group Delay Compensation (GDC) tool solves group delay issues when used with satellite studio monitors. What's more, HEDD's CoP technology allows you to run the Bass 08 in either closed- or open-port mode for either maximum low-end accuracy or maximum low-end response. You also get an adjustable ± 2m satellite offset and a variable crossover, plus an Extend mode for deeper low-frequency extension. If you want a compact active studio subwoofer with gargantuan sound and razor-sharp performance, the HEDD Bass 08 is a true powerhouse.

SHARC-powered HEDD Lineariser processing

The Bass 08 includes fully integrated HEDD Lineariser processing. This SHARC-powered DSP solves time-related delays with a non-perceivable, short reaction of 30ms. This ensures that low- and high-frequency soundwaves arrive at your ears at exactly the right moment. What's more, you can synchronize the Bass 08's phase correction with a HEDD powered studio monitor to compensate for group delay in a satellite-sub configuration. Want to hear your mix without DSP? No problem. The Bass 08's HEDD Lineariser processing can be easily disengaged.

Powerful Group Delay Compensation

While HEDD's Lineariser processing introduces phase correction, which can be applied to both subwoofers and satellite studio monitors, the Bass 08 it a step further by solving group delay issues via the company's Group Delay Compensation (GDC) tool. Thanks to GDC, you'll experience hyper-accurate low-end performance and a tightly integrated listening experience.

Closed or Ported: the choice is yours

Like most studio subwoofers, the Bass 08 is based on a ported bass system that produces a huge low-end response and impressive low-frequency extension. But, sometimes you want accurate bass rather than voluminous bass. That's why the Bass 08 includes HEDD's Closed or Ported (CoP) technology. This revolutionary feature allows you to choose between two distinct sounds. For maximum accuracy, insert the included foam plug into the speaker's bass port and choose Closed mode. For high-volume, thunderous low end, remove the foam plug and select Ported mode.

HEDD Bass 08 Powered Subwoofer Features:

  • Powerful 8-inch woofer with a 2-inch voice coil
  • HEDD Lineariser processing ensures that low- and high-frequency soundwaves arrive at exactly the right moment
  • Group Delay Compensation (GDC) tool solves group delay issues with satellite studio monitors
  • Closed or Ported (CoP) technology runs the speaker in either closed- or open-port mode
  • Adjustable ± 2m satellite offset and a variable 40–200Hz crossover
  • Extend mode delivers deeper low-frequency extension (at the cost of some SPL)
  • Adjustable Volume and Inp. Sens. (input sensitivity) for optimizing the sub's output and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Analog and AES digital inputs make system integration easy

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