Oyaide NEO d+ Class B TS Cable

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Length: 1.0 Meter

NEO d+ Class B TS Cable

The NEO d+ Class B series is a collection of amazing audio cable solutions for DJs, producers, sound engineers and high-fidelity music lovers looking to add expert-quality sound on a budget. Minimizing signal loss with 18 AWG pure oxygen-free copper, adding these to your sound setup are a no-brainer.

Product Specifications (Oyaide NEO d+ Class B TS):

  • CABLE : analog audio cable (1/4" TS)
  • FLAT CABLE TWISTED STRUCTURE : reverse concentric
  • CONDUCTOR : 18 AWG High purity Oxygen-free Copper
  • SHEATH : Flex PVC
  • INSULATOR : Polyolefin
  • TERMINAL : 24K Gold-plated/Bronze alloy coating 1/4" phono TS plugs
  • HOUSING : PBT + Glass Fiber

All Oyaide NEO cables carry a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY

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