Oyaide NEO d+ Class B RCA DUO

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Length: 1.0 Meter

NEO d+ Class B RCA 1.0 Meter - 2 Cables

The Oyaide NEO d+ RCA series were created with the "DJ" in mind, emphasizing high quality electronic components to reduce as much distortion and signal loss as possible, giving you smooth and stereoscopic sound. 

With extra care to the build of each cable, Oyaide was able to provide the best RCA cable ideal for live performance or studio production while also being stylish in its color and design. Highly durable, these cables can be used and abused and still perform like new.

Built for Serato DJ, NI Traktor

Excellent for vinyl record digitization

Product Specifications (Oyaide NEO d+ Class B RCA ):

  • CABLE : analog audio cable (RCA connector)
  • FLAT CABLE TWISTED STRUCTURE : reverse concentric
  • CONDUCTOR : High purity Oxygen-free Copper (0.18mm x 33)
  • INSULATOR : Polyolefin
  • TERMINAL : 24K Gold-plated Bronze Alloy Coating
  • HOUSING : PBT + Glass Fiber

All Oyaide NEO cables carry a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY

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