Dangerous Music Compressor

2-channel Compressor with Auto Attack/Release, Smart Dynamics Dual-slope Detection, and Active Sidechain Send/Return Circuitry

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The Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR is a mastering-grade unit that gives you a fistful of control over your signal. Like all Chris Muth designs, the COMPRESSOR is packed with cutting-edge engineering, premium components, and genuinely useful features like Auto Attack/Release, Smart Dynamics dual-slope detection, and the True Stereo Dual Detector that delivers superior imaging. The COMPRESSOR sports active sidechain send/return circuitry, which gives you exacting control with no loading or impedance issues. The COMPRESSOR is audiophile-clean and pristine — even with 20dB of gain reduction. 

Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR Features:

  • Amazingly powerful and easy to use
  • Auto Attack/Release eliminates the guesswork
  • Audiophile-clean: performs like an automated fader
  • Active sidechain send/return circuitry gives you tons of control, with no loading or impedance issues
  • Sidechain Monitor lets you monitor your sidechain signal, plus Sibilance Boost and Bass Cut
  • Sibilance Boost shaves sibilance and shrillness with no post-compression hangover
  • Bass Cut (60Hz) tightens the track without sacrificing the low end
  • Immaculate VCA: virtually no distortion, even with 20dB of gain reduction
  • True Stereo Dual Detector preserves your stereo image better than traditional linking
  • Auto Attack/Release: replace "guess" with "yes" for rapid-fire results
  • Smart Dynamics Dual-slope Detection automatically limits peaks while stealthily compressing the average

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