Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter

Stereo A/D Converter with Switchable Dual Inputs, Clip Guard Technology, Zoomable Metering, Switchable Transformers, and Emphasis Control

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The CONVERT-AD+ is a no-compromise, mastering-grade stereo converter that delivers a huge, natural sound with unparalleled transparency and detail throughout the frequency range. The sonics are highly musical, with richly defined lows, liquid midrange, and silky highs. If superior sonics were all the CONVERT-AD+ offered, it would still be well worth the price of admission. But this converter is also packed with innovative features like switchable dual inputs for setup flexibility, proprietary Clip Guard technology for signal-integrity assurance, zoomable metering for a precision view of critical levels, switchable transformers for vintage-flavored heft, and emphasis control for variable coloration. All considered, the Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ is an unbeatable package.

Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo A/D Converter Features:

  • Adjustable Sample Rate supports 6 sample rates for universal compatibility with other devices
  • Selectable Calibration Level cycles through 3 calibration levels for compatibility with other devices
  • 2 switchable, discrete stereo inputs with 2 switchable stereo input paths
  • Clip Guard removes all clipping from your digital signal without changing the sound
  • Premium custom digital meter with Normal and Peak Hold modes for precise visual feedback
  • Zoomable metering provides magnified resolution, letting you view the top 10dB of your signal level
  • Word clock with 3 modes: internal, external, and master
  • X-Former button engages Chris Muth circuitry incorporating a pair of customized Hammond transformers
  • Emphasis shelving EQ/compressor induces 2nd-order harmonics for increased warmth and sparkle
  • USB to host connection for Mac/PC
  • Dual AES outputs
  • ADAT optical output
  • S/PDIF optical output
  • S/PDIF coax output

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