Elektron Digitakt II 16-track Stereo Drum Computer and Sampler

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Digitakt II takes your sampling to another dimension. Enjoy 16 audio tracks all ready for stereo or mono samples or MIDI, swappable filters, 3 LFOs per track, a 128-step sequencer, expanded memory and power, and so much more. The Digitakt experience is very much being continued, into endless drum collage.

16 track drum computer & stereo sampler

Send yourself to another sampling dimension. With Digitakt II, you can weave splinters of sound in stereo, ripped from the moment and brought to your fingertips for marvelous manipulation and beat arraying. Preserve or distort reality as you so desire with 16 tracks of samples in stereo, mono, or MIDI. 

Endless drum collage

Digitakt II offers many times the power - and sonic possibilities - of its predecessor. It may be a familiar shape, and offer the same recognizable playfulness, but there is so much more power under the hood. And that brawn is at your disposal whatever the sound. Drums aren’t all it’s capable of. There are all kinds of melodic and harmonic possibilities to play with, not least straight out of the box via the revamped sample library.   

Machines & modularity

The Digitakt experience has evolved, offering an even more modular approach to sound creation. Mix and match the layers of your sonic landscape using any of the five distinct sample-manipulating Machines.

Head to modulation station

Choose from several swappable filters for each track. One filter is fixed as a base/width filter, but the other lets you swap between Multi-mode, Low pass 4, Comb, EQ, or Legacy LP/HP. You also have a filter envelope and a separate amp envelope of ADSR - for more definition and control - and AHD - ideal for those short barks of percussion. Three LFOs per track give you the chance to go wild in modulation land. Try different waveforms and destinations on for size. Go subtle or go weird, both can be wonderful.

Cause & FX

Transform your sounds with the built-in effects palette. Dip your brush into vibrant delay and reverb, widen your spectrum with chorus, and get destructive with bit reduction and sample rate reduction, or Overdrive. Apply as liberally as you like.

Sequencer × II

For the first time in years, the Elektron sequencer has had a significant growth spurt. There are 128 steps on Digitakt II for your digits to traverse - double the previous amount. That’s a whole lot of P-Locking. And that’s just the start. Mix math and music, with the Euclidean sequence generator, courtesy of ancient algorithms, leading to the discovery of surprising rhythms; let the pattern roll the dice with conditional trigs. And use trig modes for a variety of fun functions - 16 levels of velocity, retrig mode, or bring the Preset Pool to the surface of the 16 triggers to record multiple sounds into one track.

Full on play time

Digitakt II is a playground of sonic possibilities, packed with features designed for creative fun. Gather your favorite sounds into Kits for quick access. Perform Kit mode, inspired by a dash of hidden Machinedrum magic, gives you the freedom to experiment with your kit without overwriting its save state. 

Elektron Digitakt II Features:

  • 16-track stereo architecture includes variable assignment modes that let each track operate in mono, stereo, or MIDI capacities
  • Versatile onboard FX include chorus, reverb, delay, overdrive, bit-reduction, and sample-reduction for evocative per-track texturizing
  • Filters comprising lowpass, highpass, comb, EQ, multimode, base-width, and legacy styles allow for multitudes of sonic-shaping for every track
  • Up to 3 LFOs can be assigned for each track to enable complex modulation both within and beyond the walls of the device
  • Supercharged composition includes a 128-step sequencer with 4 Trig modes, alongside iconic Elektron Parameter Locks for unmatched control at each step
  • Augmented processing power and onboard memory mean galvanizing sampling, sequencing, and storage for expanded compositional opportunities
  • Euclidean sequence generator augments songwriting and performance possibilities with nuanced layering and polymetric support