elysia xfilter 4-band Parametric EQ - Mastering Edition

Stereo 4-band Mastering EQ with High and Low Shelf Bands, Parametric Mid Bands, Resonant High- and Lowpass Filters and Passive Massage Circuit

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The xfilter Mastering Edition is a very sophisticated, handcrafted analog stereo 4-band equalizer, with both channels linked for stereo operation. All four bands provide a precise control range of +/-5dB.

This fine Stereo Mastering EQ produces the high-end sound of a Class A equalizer at an amazing value for the money. He produces an absolutely precise stereo image based on the use of computer-selected components with extremely low tolerances.

xfilter|Mastering Edition inherits the DNA of xfilter, offering pristine transparency that allows your music to shine. Every subtle detail and nuance are preserved, enabling you to achieve a polished, professional sound that captivates listeners.

While xfilter is a powerful tool for editing individual tracks during mixing, xfilter|Mastering Edition is specifically designed to take your mastering process to the next level.

It has been carefully optimized for mastering workflows and offers refined controls and extended headroom to achieve perfect results in the final mastering stages.

Precise Control Range

xfilter|Mastering Edition features precise control range of +/- 5dB with all four bands, allowing for accurate and repeatable adjustments of filter parameters. With various filter types, Q factor control, stepped potentiometers, and a very accurate detailed scale, it caters to demanding mastering needs. Its transparent processing preserves audio integrity, making it a go-to tool for precise and professional-grade mastering, empowering engineers and producers.

+27dBu Mastering-Headroom

Unlock unprecedented space for audio mastering, preserving pristine quality with an extended +27 dB of headroom. You gain greater control over the dynamic range, enabling you to fine-tune the volume levels and nuances of each individual element within the mix. Whether you’re working with delicate acoustic recordings or powerful electronic compositions, xfilter|mastering Edition ensures that every detail and sonic subtlety can be precisely sculpted to perfection.

True Stereo Operation

Using an analog EQ on a stereo buss can be quite tricky, as only very few units offer the possibility to link their two mono channels for true stereo processing.

While there are so many compressors in the market that can be linked for stereo operation, why are there almost no EQs which can do this, too?

One of the main answers is component tolerances. Obviously, you want the two linked channels to behave exactly the same, but natural tolerances of potentiometers and capacitors counteract this ideal characteristic. 

xfilter solves this problem by using computer-selected dual and quad layer pots as well as special low tolerance caps.

elysia xfilter Mastering Edition Features:

  • 4-band stereo analog equalizer with true stereo link
  • High-quality construction, rugged aluminum housing
  • Computer-selected components for precise channel matching
  • Class A topology; gridded potentiometers
  • High and low shelf bands, switchable to:
  • High- and lowpass filters with resonance
  • Two parametric mid bands with switchable Q-Faktor
  • Additional passive high-band LC “Passive Massage” circuit
  • Handcrafted in Germany

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