elysia xfilter 500 500 Series Stereo Equalizer

500 Series 4-band Stereo Equalizer Module with Switchable Wide/Narrow Q Parametric Low-Mid and High-Mid, Low- and Highpass Filters, and Stepped Controls

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The elysia xfilter 500 Series true stereo 4-band EQ delivers unparalleled audio quality and flexible tone-shaping controls. With its discrete Class A circuitry, you’re able to achieve a beautifully open, boutique sound with impeccable transient projection and solid punch, which is essential for handling instruments. You can also use the elysia xfilter 500’s unique switchable low-cut filter to bring out the high end and fine tune the midrange with mid-peak filter options. And its stepped controls guarantee fast, easy recall. 

elysia xfilter 500 Series EQ Module Key Features:

  • 500 Series 4-band stereo EQ module
  • High and low shelf band options that can be switched into high-cut and low-cut filters
  • 2 mid-peak filters with switchable (wide or narrow) Q factor
  • Unique switchable fixed Passive Massage LC filter for polishing the HF range
  • 100% discrete Class A circuitry and computer-selected components for for boutique sound quality
  • Quality-crafted in Elysia’s Nettetal, Germany factory

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