elysia xpressor neo 500 Series Class A Stereo Compressor

500 Series Analog Stereo Compressor with Class A Topology, Parallel Processing/Side Chain I/O, and Variable Release Curves

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xpressor|neo takes what its original version elysia xpressor is skillfully capable of and opens up new sonic dimensions. What everyone loves about analog equipment is perceived depth in the audio signal and in xpressor|neo we’ve reworked the circuit design to give you even more sonic depth to fall in love with. Enjoy the deeper 3D processing that you will percept as… magic.
One that words can hardly describe.

elysia xpressor neo 500 Series Class A Stereo Compressor Key Features:

  • Available in 19-inch (1U) version, 500-series module, and qube desktop formats to accommodate any style of studio
  • Sleek form factor includes durable, lightweight housing and laser-engraved labeling for easily distinguished parameters
  • Vivid LED indicators provide precise, real-time feedback of Gain Reduction Limiter
  • Class A Topology ensures reliable, true analog stereo compression
  • Choose between logarithmic and linear release curves to fit your sonic needs
  • All control knobs feature 41-stepped potentiometers to dial in exact values with satisfying tactility
  • Dedicated I/O for parallel processing and side-chaining conserve internal processing power while keeping converter channels open

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