elysia xpressor neo Class A Stereo Compressor

1U Rackmount Analog Stereo Compressor with Class A Topology, Parallel Processing/Side Chain I/O, and Variable Release Curves

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Elysia’s xpressor is a mainstay of analog compression with some big shoes to fill. Now, elysia has meticulously re-engineered the iconic unit to suit the contemporary musician, introducing welcome tweaks while conserving the core processing that has produced its sought-after sound. Welcome xpressor neo, available in three distinct formats to meet your recording needs without compromising its vaunted output: 19-inch (1U) version, 500-series module, and qube — a desktop chassis for the modern producer. Hallmark engineering, alongside both internal and external updates, culminate in a stereo compressor that Sweetwater’s studio scholars agree ticks all the right boxes, giving you total dynamic control while preserving that pristine xpressor sound. 

elysia xpressor neo Class A Stereo Compressor Key Features:

  • Available in 19-inch (1U) version, 500-series module, and qube desktop formats to accommodate any style of studio
  • Sleek form factor includes durable, lightweight housing and laser-engraved labeling for easily distinguished parameters
  • Vivid LED indicators provide precise, real-time feedback of Gain Reduction Limiter
  • Class A Topology ensures reliable, true analog stereo compression
  • Choose between logarithmic and linear release curves to fit your sonic needs
  • All control knobs feature 41-stepped potentiometers to dial in exact values with satisfying tactility
  • Dedicated I/O for parallel processing and side-chaining conserve internal processing power while keeping converter channels open

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