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HEDD's HEDDphone Two AMT Driver headphones. Building upon the momentum of the original HEDDphone model, HEDD's enhanced AMT technology allows these second-generation 'phones to be even more authentically tuned and structurally balanced, giving you near stage-monitor quality with massive headroom. Attention to critical transient detail makes HEDDphone Two headphones a solid option for avid audiophiles and provides unequivocal utility in the studio. Wiser construction materials and a comfortable, cushioned lining are adjustable by nearly any parameter, making it a cinch to find the perfect fit for those extended recording sessions. Producing high-detail music requires adept monitoring performance — these benefits are easily found with a pair of HEDDphone Two headphones in your studio arsenal.

Improved AMT technology evokes supreme audio authenticity

HEDD imbued industry-leading Air Motion Transformer (AMT) technology directly into the HEDDphone Two's full-range drivers to attain the utmost audio clarity. With the addition of a Kapton polyimide folded diaphragm, AMT creates an alternating fold pattern that allows air to "breathe" in and out, resulting in a much more compact yet superior-sounding driver akin to stage-quality loudspeaker systems. HEDD builds upon this idea by including VVT technology and a modern diaphragm geometry, keeping the signature sound of AMT present at a massive 10Hz-40kHz frequency range. At these levels of audio quality, the HEDDphone Two is a formidable option for mixing and mastering engineers, discerning producers, and audiophiles.

Dial in flawless listening comfort

Given the HEDDphone Two's vegan-leather earpads and head cushion, comfort in the studio is available hour after hour. New headband improvements and a proprietary smart strap system also provide a revolutionary custom fit, allowing you to adjust height, width, curvature, and clamping pressure that match your specific dimensional needs. HEDD also threw in an additional set of earpads into the mix, ensuring a factory-new feel in the case of long-term wear. Best of all audiophiles we have found that HEDDphone Two AMT Driver Headphones carbon fiber and magnesium construction make them 25% lighter than their predecessors — a bonus for easier travel and transport.

HEDD HEDDphone Two AMT Driver Headphones Features:

  • 2nd-generation take on HEDD’s coveted audiophile-grade HEDDphone
  • Enhanced full-range Air Motion Transformer driver technology
  • Folded Kapton diaphragm design generates crystal-clear transients within an incredibly authentic and balanced soundstage
  • Attentive detail to sound provides a formidable studio option for mixing and mastering engineers as well as producers
  • Lightweight carbon fiber and magnesium drivers provide 25% less weight than previous models
  • Custom-fit headband with smart strap system ensures maximum comfort in the studio
  • Includes balanced and unbalanced cables, a spare set of earpads, and a carrying case for efficient travel and transport
  • Backed by an extended 5-year HEDD warranty