Lynx Studio - Hilo2 AD/DA Converter

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The Lynx Hilo 2 emerges as the advanced successor to the company’s critically acclaimed, independently-coupled 2-in, 6-out AD/DA audio converter/interface, marking a new chapter in the company's legacy.

The Lynx Hilo 2 brings forth an array of enhancements, promising an enriched auditory experience. The input and output channels have been meticulously refined for unparalleled transparency, reducing distortion and noise to an absolute minimum. The introduction of the SynchroLock 2 Sample Clock marks a leap in precision, offering faster locking, meticulous tracking of external clocks, and an unprecedented 7ppm absolute accuracy.

Interactivity and visual clarity reach new heights with the upgraded in-plane switching LCD, complemented by a capacitive touch panel. This enhancement increases brightness and ensures consistent off-axis viewing and heightened touch responsiveness. The Hilo 2 is future-ready, supporting high sample rates above 192kHz and DSD on both input and output, catering to the evolving demands of audio production. Additionally, it offers a choice between linear and minimum phase filters for the line I/O, allowing for a customized audio experience.

Lynx Hilo 2 Features:

  • Advanced 2-in, 6-out AD/DA audio conversion
  • Superior input/output transparency with minimal distortion and noise
  • SynchroLock 2 for ultimate sample clock precision
  • Enhanced LCD with intuitive capacitive touch interface
  • Support for high sample rates and DSD on both input and output
  • Selectable filtering options for personalized audio shaping
Connectivity:: USB