Maag Audio EQ4M Mastering 6-band Parametric Equalizer

2-channel 6-band Mastering EQ with Minimum Phase Shift and Air Band

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The EQ4M mastering equalizer by Maag Audio offers uncompromising quality in a dual-channel, 6-band design that sets it apart from other EQs you may have used. Its range of control extends from subsonic to dog-frequency, allowing for precision adjustments. With notable features such as the acclaimed Air Band and six customizable bands, the EQ4M offers a comprehensive range of options for audio shaping. The Sub band, set at 10Hz, addresses modern digital recording's low-frequency challenges with a +15dB/-4.5dB bell curve. The remaining bands at 40Hz, 160Hz, 650Hz, and 2.5kHz also feature +15dB/-4.5dB bell curves. Above these is the unique Air Band, offering boost-only shelving at various frequencies up to 40kHz with a transitional slope that affects lower frequencies as well.

In the Maag Audio EQ4M, phase shift is kept to a minimum due to its unique design. You can do this while preserving the integrity of your material and enhancing the airiness of the recording, all while shaping the tone of the recording. As a result of the Air Band and a lack of phase shift, the EQ4M is perfect for shaping any signal.

EQ4M's magic lies in the interaction between its bandpasses. If you increase the Air Band gain, you will also, to a small degree, increase your overall gain. By summing (interacting) the Air Band with other bandpasses, this ensures the integrity of the sound, and is an intended consequence of the design. EQ will maintain its shape if you back down the Input Attn knob to compensate for additional gain.

In the second part of bandpass interaction, it may be beneficial to decrease the level of adjacent frequencies when boosting a specific one. This is due to the way bandpasses affect each other, making it distinct from a regular EQ. Once you become accustomed to how the bandpasses and Air Band work together in the EQ4M, you can easily mold your sound and achieve impressive high-end clarity without altering its authentic sonic character.

Maag Audio EQ4M Features:

  • No-compromise dual-channel, 6-band mastering equalizer
  • 6 bands of sound-shaping control from 10Hz-40kHz
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-75kHz (-2dB)
  • Headroom: +29dBu at 10 kohms, +28.5dBu at 600 ohms
  • Rides on ultra-clean +/-18-volt rails

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