Neve 1073DPX 2-channel Microphone Preamp & EQ

2-channel Mic/Line/DI Preamp/EQ Module with 80dB of Gain, 3-band EQ, Highpass Filters, Polarity Reverse, Rear-panel Inserts, and Headphone Amp

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The original Neve 1073 channel amplifiers are very popular mic preamplifiers, considered by many to capture the very essence of the Neve sound. In manufacture since the early 1970s, the discrete class-A design offers 3 bands of EQ with one fixed high frequency and a high-pass filter.

The 1073DPX accommodates two separate 1073s in a stand-alone 2U rack- mount unit. At its core, the 1073DPX retains the same class-A design as the original 1073, but includes many additional features to ensure the unit sits comfortably in the modern studio environment.


Neve 1073DPX 2-channel Preamp & EQ Key Features:

  • FRONT button: Switches the audio input to the front mic/line combo connector (DI input always overrides the Mic input, whether the FRONT switch is engaged or not)
  • XLR/Jack combo input: Use the XLR input for mic sources and the 6.35mm jack input for line-level sources
  • 48V button: Applies 48V phantom power to the front and rear XLR mic inputs (adjacent LED lights when phantom power is active)
  • Lo Z button: The default input impedance on the microphone input is 1200Ω. Pressing the Lo Z switch reconfigures the input for 300Ω input impedance
  • LIFT button: Provides ground lift for the DI input; may alleviate hum/buzz by breaking any ground loop
  • -20 button: Applies 20dB of attenuation to the DI input; reconfigures input impedance from ~1MΩ to ~10kΩ when engaged
  • DI I/P button: High-impedance balanced input for direct injection; microphone inputs automatically disconnected when jack is inserted
  • Line/Mic level control with 80dB of gain on tap
  • High Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB fixed-frequency shelving at 12kHz
  • Mid Frequency: Smooth +/-18dB peaking, fixed Q, with selectable center frequencies of 0.36kHz, 0.7kHz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz, and 7.2kHz
  • Low Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB shelving with selectable frequencies of 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz, and 220Hz
  • Highpass Filter: 18dB/octave slope, switchable between 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, and 300Hz
  • Phase button: Polarity reverse (180° phase) at balanced output
  • EQ button: Switches the equalizer in or out of circuit
  • INS button: Switches the insert loop into the signal path
  • PRE button: When engaged, repositions the post-EQ insert loop to pre-EQ
  • LEVEL control: Adjusts output level; pressing this knob cycles the level meter take-off point through 3 points in the signal path (pre-EQ, post-EQ, post output stage), indicated by adjacent LEDs
  • Take-off LEDs and Clip Indication: 1 of 3 LEDs lights green to indicate selected take-off point; LEDs light red if their respective take-off point is close to clipping
  • Level Meter: 7-segment peak level meter; pressing knob allows audio level to be monitored at 1 of 3 locations (Mic/Line/DI input stage, EQ stage, or output stage) up to +24dB
  • VOLUME: Controls the volume of the headphone output; pressing this knob cycles monitoring though 3 options (channel 1 in both ears, channel 1 and 2 in stereo, channel 2 in both ears), indicated by adjacent LEDs
  • Phone Jack: 6.35mm stereo headphone output jack
  • POWER: Switches unit on or off; adjacent LED lights when the unit is on

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