Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 - Full Version (Retail)

Audio/MIDI DAW Software Suite - Mac/PC VST2, VST3

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The complete digital audio workstation, trusted by many Hollywood blockbuster composers and Billboard Hot 100 producers worldwide. 

New and improved for Cubase Pro 13

  • Channel Tab: Mixing can now be done on the fly within your project window, letting you seamlessly drop in and modify your mix on a per-channel basis, all without leaving your arrangement.
  • MixConsole: Face-lifted and refreshed with a newly streamlined arrangement to keep you dialed in with your mix.
  • Expanded Range Tool: This versatile control can now be applied to both the Key Editor and Drum Editor, providing instant adjustment across various production processes.
  • Revamped Editor: Multiple parts within the Key or Drum Editors can be edited simultaneously. At the same time, the Visibility tab lets you seamlessly navigate between tracks or engage the new overview mode with the Track display.
  • Comprehensive Vocal Production: Use the powerful VocalChain plug-in to achieve pro-grade vocal processing via dedicated modules for a comprehensive, step-by-step experience.
  • Enhanced Chord Pads: Elevate your progressions to new heights with new presets, expanded functionality, and more opportunities to reimagine your chord-based arrangements.
  • Iconica Sketch: Create complete orchestral scores with professional-level sonics, regardless of skill, utilizing a distinct interface to sketch arrangements across 34 instruments with 140 articulations and a whopping 5GB library.
  • Superlative Sampling: The game-changing Spectral Warp modes for the Sampler Track open previously unavailable doors for vast sample manipulation, envelope creation, and more.
  • Vocoder Redux: Steinberg’s iconic Vocoder returns, featuring 24 filter bands and sidechain input to create hypnotic, robotic vocals or inject analog flare into your instrument parts.
  • New Compressor: Cubase Pro 13 introduces Black Valve, a tube-style compressor meticulously modeled after a legendary studio processor to provide deep, malleable warmth for endless vintage-inspired character.
  • Two New EQs: Seize your sound with the added EQ-P1A and EQ-M5, distinctively designed yet equally poised to introduce plenty of class to your tracks.
  • VoxComp: A new compressor tailored for specific use with vocals, and engineered to shape your sound without disturbing nuances in expression, transient values, or clarity.
  • Five Times the Sampling Possibilities: From foundations to inspiring arrangements, you’re treated to five exclusive sample packs from noted songwriter/producer Beat Butcha, remix maestro Sharooz, and lauded sample slicers 91Vocals and Touch Loops.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 Key Features:

  • Next-generation, 64-bit floating-point audio engine gives you plenty of power
  • Advanced MIDI tools include MIDI 2.0 compatibility, as well as streamlined MIDI CC recording and editing
  • 5 onboard sample packs provide the foundation for fresh production, including works from Beat Butcha, Sharooz, 91Vocals, and Touch Loops
  • Safe Start Mode lets you start Cubase without any third-party plug-ins loaded
  • Colorized Mixer Channels speed up your workflow
  • Combine Select Tools Mode combines selection tools for objects and ranges in 1 feature
  • Intelligent compositional tools like Chord Track, Chord Pads, and Chord Assistant
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) Support
  • Automatic Audio Alignment matches the timing of simultaneously played audio events
  • Spectral Comparison EQ makes identifying and eliminating frequency collisions easy
  • Render videos as MP4 files with 16-bit stereo audio
  • Enables easy import of audio and data from other saved projects
  • Comping makes creating perfect tracks a breeze
  • AudioWarp Quantize makes quantizing audio as easy as quantizing MIDI
  • Channel Tab modules are integrated into every mixer channel to make on-the-fly modifications without leaving your Project window
  • MixConsole captures the essence of a high-end analog console with excellent digital modularity
  • Sampler Track lets you build loops and phrases with exacting control over your audio via Spectral Warp modes
  • Control Room for integrating cue mixes and monitoring setups
  • Support for 5.1 surround and true multichannel playback
  • Complete suite of over 80 high-end audio effect processors
  • Comprehensive set of 9 outstanding instruments with over 3,000 sounds
  • Dolby Atmos support (Pro exclusive)
  • Improvements to VariAudio, AudioWarp, and Logical Editor
  • Expanded MIDI controls, workflow and command key customization, and automation for sample volumes and audio to MIDI conversion

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