WesAudio ng76 FET Compressor

FET Compressor with Carnhill Transformers, Digital Recall, Saturation Mode, and Mix Knob

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Next generation FET compressor with digital recall and automation

Wes Audio ng76 FET Compressor Features:

  • 100% analog 76-style FET compressor with impressive speed and transient response
  • Carnhill transformers at both I/O stages offer old-school character
  • Classic I/O, Attack, Release, and Ratios (including 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, and “All Buttons In” mode)
  • +24dBu of headroom
  • Saturation mode produces more saturation and can be used as a clipper
  • Additional Mix knob for parallel compression
  • Full Total Recall and plug-in control allow you to control the unit from your DAW


100% analog FET compressor

  • ng76 is a 100% analog processing unit with 24dBu of headroom
  • Regardless of its full digital control, the analog signal path provides lightning speed compression sound we all know from countless records.

True stereo operation

  • 2 x ng76 mono compressors can be linked via dedicated software
  • It allows to link compression detectors (with special cables included with stereo matched pairs) for true stereo compression,
  • Or dual mono compression with all parameters linked.
  • Just change the setting on one unit, and it will be reflected on its matched twin!

MIX knob for parallel compression

  • We all know FET style compression to be lightning fast, punchy and aggressive.
  • Mix knob for parallel compression allows us to dial in the amount of this sonic flavor we want!
  • Mix knob also allows saturation mode to be mixed in.

THD – total harmonic distortion

  • Total harmonic distortion button which allows You to dial in additional sonic content in Low or High settings.
  • This design is fully based on the FET circuit and allows us to choose how saturated Your compression becomes.

Carnhill transformers

Transformers in audio compressors aren’t just for electrical isolation – they can add a warm, sonic saturation we all love in our recordings. Carnhill transformers are part of the ng76 adding all that vintage flavor!

Saturation mode

Special mode where static compression is triggered to produce sonics based on FET circuit, and One knob which sets INPUT and OUTPUT in an opposite way. It allows the use of the unit as a saturation box / clipper. The harder the drive will hit the compression and saturation circuit, the more sonic content we will get!

Selectable Input stage

Modern and Vintage modes to support two 1176 revisions (F & G).

Vintage – transformer balanced input,
Modern – Electronically balanced input.

Side Chain EQ sections

Sophisticated side chain circuit EQ with two independent sections:

  • HPF 60 hz / 90 Hz / 150 Hz – to maintain low end information while compressing,
  • High Shelf of 2kHz / 5kHz, 10kHz – to tame high frequencies by emphasizing high/hid mids content.

Hardware A/B buttons to compare two independent settings

Even using ng76 as a pure analog signal processor you can easily switch between two parallel settings with the magic of a simple button.

USB or Ethernet Connectivity

ng76 supports direct USB connection, or you can also managed it in your local network, just plug in ethernet cable to Your router!

Gain reduction, input and output metering!

  • ng76 is armed with classic Vintage Gain Reduction meter we all recognize and know,
  • To provide a high level of usability, it also visualizes very precise input and output levels at the same time!

Analog Automation

I’m sure all of us wanted to use different device settings based on the song section. Now it is possible! Just draw automation lines in your DAW and your analog device will follow!

And remember, you can use five touch sensitive encoders to record automation TO your DAW!

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