WesAudio RHEA NG500 500 Series Stereo Vari-Mu Tube Compressor

500 Series Stereo Tube Compressor with Mix Control, Sidechain Filters, and Support for NG500-compatible Chassis

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Wes Audio RHEA stereo compressor module is equipped with a tube gain reduction circuit to deliver highly musical results along with stellar audio quality, thanks to its fully analog signal path and bass-bolstering interstage transformers. And while the signal path is 100% analog, RHEA offers full control and automation from your DAW — the perfect combination of analog and digital technologies. A switchable harmonic distortion circuit allows you to add color and depth to your audio, and a mix knob makes it easy to apply parallel compression. Complete with highpass sidechain filters to prevent bass from over-triggering compression, the Wes Audio RHEA tube compressor module will exceed your expectations in terms of what a stereo bus compressor can do.

Full recall and automation when used with NG500-compatible racks

While the WesAudio RHEA compressor module is compatible with many regular 500 series racks, it will provide sophisticated digital control when loaded into one of WesAudio's NG500-compliant racks, such as the TITAN series. NG500-compatible racks, such as the TITAN, enable digital control over your modules, allowing for complete session recall and automation from your DAW. Simply attach a USB connection directly to RHEA in a normal 500 series rack for complete recall capabilities.

Stellar sound quality with selectable harmonic distortion

There are no audio compromises here: the all-analog RHEA stereo compressor module has +24dBu of headroom. Switch on RHEA's THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) mode if you want to add a little something unique to your audio on the way through. THD saturates your signal for increased harmonic complexity, with selectable Med and High modes – it's ideal for beefing up bass end or adding nuanced midrange richness to your mixes.

Sidechain filters help prevent excessive compression

The RHEA compressor module includes three switchable highpass filters that are very useful for preventing bass frequencies from triggering excessive compression. 

WesAudio RHEA 500 Series Stereo Tube Compressor 500 Series Module Features:

  • All-analog signal path with +24dBu of headroom for stellar sound quality
  • Mix knob makes parallel compression techniques simple
  • Switchable THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) adds analog saturation to your signal
  • Switchable sidechain filters for fine-tuning how the compressor reacts to bass frequencies
  • Vari-mu-style compression; use Input and Threshold controls to dial in the right amount of compression
  • Compatible with any WesAudio NG500 chassis and many standard 500 series racks
  • Full session recall and support for DAW automation when loaded in an NG500-compatible chassis like TITAN, or via USB connection
  • Touch-sensitive encoders (Threshold, Mix, Output) allow you to draw automation into your DAW
  • Interstage Carnhill transformers maintain top-notch sound quality throughout the entire signal chain

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