Yamaha MA2120 Commercial Power Amplifier

2-channel Power Amplifier, 2 x 120-watts/channel at 4 Ohms with DSP Functions, Built-in HPF, Remote Volume Control, and EQ Optimum for Yamaha VXC/VXS Series Speakers - Call for Best Price !!

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Yamaha’s MA2120 is a 2-channel, 120-watt-per-channel power amp for everyday playback and microphone use. Its energy-efficient class-D amplifier provides up to 120 watts of power to six microphone/line inputs or one of two stereo inputs. It has built-in DSP functions (feedback suppressor, priority ducker, leveler, reverb, echo, and compressor) and even provides dual volume control to help provide a clear audio output. Best of all, the MA2120 comes packed in a convenient 1U rack-size metal housing, enabling easy and reliable integration into any setup.

Powerful everyday use with simple controls

The MA2120 boasts a convenient 1U rack size, making it an easy addition to nearly any audio setup. Under its metal chassis lies a unique I/O, allowing for six mic inputs and two selectable stereo inputs — a perfect combo for music playback and microphone applications. The front panel of the MA2120 bears signal, stereo source, and master volume controls, making signal management easy and effective.

Energy-friendly class-D amplifier

Despite delivering ample power to both channels, the MA2120 boasts a surprisingly low amount of energy usage. Thanks to an efficiently-designed class-D amplifier, this power amp minimizes energy consumption while in use, allowing for eco-friendly — and cost-effective — power management. It's even Energy Star-certified to ensure truly green performance. And since there are no cooling fans in the MA2030a’s compact design, you’ll benefit from even less required power, higher reliability, and quiet operation.

Yamaha MA2120 Lo-Z/Hi-Z Switchable 120W/200W Commercial Power Amplifier Features:

  • 2-channel, 120W per-channel power amplifier
  • Perfect for music playback and microphone applications
  • Lo-Z (120W x 2 channels) and Hi-Z (200W x 1-channel) functionality
  • Built-in highpass and lowpass filter
  • Compact 1U rack size fits in nearly any setup
  • Conventional cooling system — bottom-to-top airflow
  • Advanced DSP functions (Feedback Suppressor, Priority Ducker, Leveler, Reverb, Echo, and Compressor)
  • Speaker EQ optimum for Yamaha VXC/VXS series speakers
  • Yamaha Eco Product and Energy Star certified with efficient class-D amplifier

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