Yamaha VXS10S 10-inch Low Impedance Subwoofer

400W Passive Commercial Subwoofer with 10" Dual Voice Coil, Bass Reflex Port, and Satellite Connectors - Call for best price !!

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Natural Bass Response for any Yamaha System

For commercial applications that require an optimal bass response, such as cafes, restaurants, and retail stores, a Yamaha VXS Series Subwoofer provides more than enough power. In this series, you can choose from two bass reflex type models to achieve the right low-end conditions for your specific needs: the VXS10S caters to low-impedance systems, while the VXS10ST caters to high-impedance varieties. You’re assured of true-to-life musical reproduction with plenty of luxurious bass response with a VXS Series subwoofer backing your commercial sound system. Plus, Yamaha makes it easy to create your ideal system — simply pair VXS Series subwoofers with VXS and VXC speakers and you’re ready to go.

Turn up the bass

It’s time to outfit your commercial space with the subwoofer it deserves. Sweetwater recommends the VXS10S/VXS10ST for that smooth, low-range extension that delivers plenty of realism. How does the VXS10 Series achieve this? These subwoofers benefit from bass reflex technology. With this approach, a tuned port boosts bass frequencies that emanate from the speaker’s rear. The VXS Series subwoofers also benefit from satellite connectors on their rear panels. Through these, users can reduce the necessary amplifier channels required to set up a system. Plus, these panels allow the VXS10ST to connect to low-impedance satellites while also being connected to a high-impedance system. Thanks to a built-in highpass filter, you’ll hear natural crossover from the subwoofer to the satellite. Surface mounted or ceiling mounted, the VXS Series speakers will deliver a natural-sounding bass response.

Yamaha VXS10S 10-inch Low Impedence Subwoofer Features:

  • Maximum bass authority with natural, smooth, and true-to-life low end
  • VXS10S for low-impedance and VXS10ST for high-impedance systems
  • Great for commercial spaces like cafes, restaurants, retail stores, and more
  • Bass reflex design enhances the low frequency via a tuned port
  • Pair subwoofers with VXS and VXC Series speakers for a comprehensive sound system of your design
  • Satellite connectors on rear panel
  • The VXS10ST can connect to low-impedance satellites while being connected to a high-impedance system
  • Easily surface mount or ceiling mount

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